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The 3D printer Gimax3d standard 1.0 is the jewel of the house, a product that was created in order to make this technology of 3D printers more affordable but with an eye on quality. An Italian product supported and CE certificated. 3D printing process quick and easy, intuitive software and Open Source, robustness and high capacity. Watch it in action in the video!

Standard 1.0 features - Body in anodized aluminum 45x45 with rounded edges - Carter in methacrylate - Double extruder - Noozle of 0,20 mm and 0,40 mm - Possibility to print directly from SD card without PC - LCD with integrated control panel - Printing area 300x250x250 (can be modified on request) - Heated plate - Certification CE - Made in Italy Functions of the LCD panel Possibility to change parameters in the printing phase • Printing speed • Extrusion Temperature • Temperature of heated plate • Flow rate • Calibration charging and discharging of the filament Technical Specifications • Printing Area 300x250x250 (can be changed on request) • Printing Volume 15 liters • Nozzle diameter 0.40 mm layer thickness 0.10 mm (0.30 recommended) • Nozzle diameter 0.20 mm layer thickness 0.06 mm (0.10 recommended) Extruder • Maximum temperature 250° C • Filament 1.75mm • Nozzle 0,20 / 0,40 mm Recommended Software • Repetier host • Slic3r Used materials • Filaments in PLA, ABS, PLAWOOD, PLASAND, GUM, POLY, NYLON, CRISTAL FLEX • Diameter 1.75 mm • Dimensions 550x660x660 • Weight 45.00 Kg

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