Laybrick-1.75mm filament for 3d printer



LAYBRICK Plastic Filament for 3D printers. Each filament coil of circular cross-section of 1.75 mm contains 0.25 kg LAYBRICK filament of high quality for 3D printers. The material should be kept sealed until ready for use and should be stored in a cool, dry place. Our LAYBRICK is compatible with all 3D printers in circulation.

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CHARACTERISTICS OF LAYBRICK FILAMENT: Almost deformable; You can get both smooth and rough surfaces, similar to sandstone; LAYBRICK is ideal for models and plastics used in architecture; The printed material is not perceived as plastic; When you print with LAYBRICK, you do not need a heated plate; Printing temperature: 165 degrees for smooth surfaces, higher temperatures (210 degrees) for those rough; The printed objects can easily be painted.

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